Chapter3 代词



1. ---Have you figured out how much the trip will cost?

   --- $4,000, or                 like that.

   A. anything          B. everything        C. something        D.nothing

2. AlthoughRosemary had suffered from a serious illness for years, she lost                 of her enthusiasm forlife.

   A. some                B. neither             C.none                D. all

3. Helpingothers is a habit,                 you can learn even atan early age.

   A. it                      B. that                  C.what                D. one

4. Neitherside is prepared to talk to                 unless we can smooththings over between them.

   A. others              B. the other          C.another            D. one other

5. ---When shall I call, in the morning or afternoon?

   ---                . I'll be in all day.

   A. Any                 B. None               C.Neither             D. Either

6. I knowthat                 wouldever discourage him; he would never give up wanting to be a director.

   A. something        B. anything          C. everything        D.nothing

7. Tostay awake, he finished a cup of coffee and ordered                .

   A. the other          B. other                C. the others         D.another

8. Recyclingis one way to protect the environment; reusing is                .

   A. another            B. the other          C. one another

9. Towarm himself, the sailor sat in front of the fire rubbing one bare foot against                .

   A. another            B. the other          C. other                D.either

10. The traffic on the main streets has a longergreen signal than                 on the small ones.

   A. one                  B. this                  C.that                  D. it

11. Studying Wendy's menu, I found that many of theitems are similar to                 of McDonald's.

   A. those                B. ones                 C.any                  D. all

12. My brother would like to buy a good watch but                 was available fromthat shop.

   A. nothing            B. none                C. no one             D.neither

13. --- Would you get me a bar of chocolate fromthe kitchen, dear?

   ---                 one?

   A. Other               B. Every               C.Another           D. More

14. The cost of renting a house in central Xi'an ishigher than                in any other area of the city.

   A. that                  B. this                              D. one

15. An average of just 468.75px of rain fell lastyear, making                the driest year since California became a state in 1850.

   A. each                 B. it                      C.this                  D. one

16. Those who smoke heavily should remind                 of health, the badsmell and the feelings of other people.

   A. theirs               B. them                C.themselves       D. oneself

17.               can be good atsomething for 40 years if he doesn't love it.

   A. Anybody         B. Everybody       C. Nobody           D.Somebody

18. This project requires close teamwork.                 will be achievedunless we work well together.

   A. Nothing           B. Anything         C. Something       D.Everything

19. Larry asks Bill and Peter to go on a picnicwith him, but                of them wants to, because they have work to do.

   A. either               B. any                  C.neither             D. none

20. Surprisingly, Susan's beautiful hair reachedbelow her knees and made                 almost an overcoat forher.

   A. them                B. her                   C.itself                 D. herself

21. My most famous relative of all,                 who really left hismark on America, was Rob Sussel, my great-grandfather.

   A. one                  B. the one            C.he                    D. someone

22. Good families are much to all their members,but                 to none.

   A. something        B. anything          C. everything        D.nothing

23. He had lost his temper and his health in thewar and never found                 of them again.

   A. neither             B. either               C. each                 D.all

24. It's an either-or situation—we can buy a newcar this year or we can go on holiday but we can't do                .

   A. others              B. either               C.another            D. both

25. On my desk is a photo that my father took of                 when I was a baby.

   A. him                  B. his                            D. mine

26. Why don't you bring                 to his attention thatyou're too ill to work on?

   A. that                  B. it                      C.his                   D. him

27. When you introduce me to Mr. Johnson, could youplease say                for me?

   A. everything        B. anything          C. something        D.nothing

28. When he took his gloves off, I noticed that                 one had his namewritten inside.

   A. each                 B. every               C.other                D. another

29. --- Wow! You've got so many clothes.

   --- But                 of them are infashion now.

   A. all                    B. both                 C.neither             D. none

30. One of the most important questions they had toconsider was                of public health.

   A. what                B. this                  C.that                  D. which

31. To her joy, Della earned first the trust of herstudents and then                 of her colleagues.

   A. that                  B. one                  C.ones                 D. those

32. If our parents do everything for us children,we won't learn to depend on                .

   A. themselves       B. them                          D. ourselves

33. I'd appreciate                 if you could let meknow in advance whether or not you will come.

   A. it                      B. you                          D. this

34. If you're buying today's paper from the stand,could you get                for me?

   A. one                  B. such                 C.this                  D. that

35. No matter where he is, he makes                 a rule to go for awalk before breakfast.

   A. him                  B. this                  C.that                  D. it

36. --- John, when shall we meet again, Thursday orFriday?

   ---                . I'll be off toLondon then.

   A. Either              B. Neither            C.Both                D. None

37. The quality of education in this small schoolis better than                in some larger schools.

   A. that                  B. one                              D. this

38. --- Who's that at the door?

   ---                 is the milkman.

   A. He                   B. It                     C.This                 D. That

39. Being parents is not always easy, and being theparent of a child with special needs often carries with                 extra stress.

   A. it                      B. them                        D. him

40. The research group produced two reports basedon the survey, but                 contained any usefulsuggestions.

   A. all                    B. none                C.either               D. neither

41. We feel                 our duty to make ourcountry a better place.

   A. it                      B. this                  C.that                  D. one

42. At our factory there are a few machines similarto                 describedin this magazine.

   A. them                B. these                C.those                D. ones

43. I'll spend half of my holiday practisingEnglish and                half learning drawing.

   A. another            B. the other          C. other's              D.other

44. When you are done with the book, just give itto Lucy or Helen or                .

   A. whoever          B. wherever          C. whatever          D.however

45. I've lived in New York and Chicago, but don'tlike                 of themvery much.

   A. either               B. any                  C.each                 D. another

46. I like this house with a beautiful garden infront, but I don't have enough money to buy                .

   A. one                  B. it                      C.this                  D. that

47. Nine in ten parents said there were significantdifferences in their approach to educating their children compared with                 of their parents.

   A. those                B. one                  C.both                 D. that

48. Niki is always full of ideas, but                 is useful to myknowledge.

   A. nothing            B. no one             C. neither             D.none

49. The CDs are on sale! Buy one and you will get                 completely free.

   A. other                B. others                      D. ones

50. In some countries, people eat with chopsticks,while in                ,knives and forks.

   A. another            B. others              C. both                 D.all



1. C   2. C    3. D    4. B    5. D  

6. D   7. D    8. A    9. B   10. C  

11.A  12. B   13.C   14. A  15.B  

16.C   17. C   18.A  19. C   20.C  

21.A  22. C   23.B   24. D  25.C  

26.B   27. C   28.A  29. D  30.C  

31.A  32. D  33.A  34. A  35.D  

36.B   37. A  38.B   39. A  40.D  

41.A  42. C   43.B   44. A  45.A  

46.B   47. D  48.D  49. C   50.B  


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